Who are we? 2 friends, for fun and because we believe we can help the gaming community

Hi retrogamer,

Welcome at our Belgian retro gaming shop!

We are 2 retrogame collectors who met approx. 5 years ago. Let me start with a little story how this happened. It’s kinda cool 🙂

I (Ken) was working hard on my starting NES collection. At a certain moment, I was so happy with my new haul: I bought a game lot for a few bucks and discovered a NES Flintstones 2 and a Megaman 5 cart in it. I was thrilled and so happy. Later that day, I showed Ronnie a picture of my new gems. In our community, he was called the NES King ^^, because he owned a full set of NES CIB games, so he was the person to talk to. In the blink of an eye, he tempered my enthusiasm by saying the carts were fake. From that moment, I always use a game screwdriver to check if it’s a genuine cartridge 😉 – you can buy one soon in our shop btw -, but more important, from that moment we’re almost inseparable when it comes to collecting.

We help each other finding games of our wanted list, giving advice, sometimes buy a gamelot together, etc. After a lot of game conventions and expos together where we’ve been selling our doubles, we decided to join our stuff and make our own shop.

It’s important to know we are not doing this for a living. We only do this for fun. We try to help the community offering rare games at good prices. We know it’s hard to find some games in good shape at an affordable price, and we want to offer a solution for that. We strongly believe we shouldn’t update our shop every day with crap games, but do it from time to time with games that are attractive to the community.

Because we love games, we handle them with care. Every game is tested thoroughly. As collectors, we have a high quality standard on our games. This standard we want to offer to our customers too. Because we don’t do this for living, we only ship twice a week.

We hope you enjoy our shop and hope you will find the game you have been looking for for many years. If you don’t find that gem at this moment, please give us a shout. We know a lot of game collectors where we can often find a special item that’s nearly untraceable these days. 

Feel free to contact us, even if you like a good explanation about how you can check whether a cartridge is 100% genuine. We both know the details now 😉 .

Happy hunting!

Nintendo Freak

Nickname: Ronkey Kong

Fav console: NES

Fav game: Sunsetriders

I want to kill myself game: Contra


Retro Freak

Nickname: Rudy McGyver

Fav console: NES

Fav game: Little Samson

I want to kill myself game: Ghouls ‘n Ghosts