Have some games to sell? We buy or trade them

It is possible to sell or trade games at Retro Game Collector so we can make other collectors happy with them.

Please fill in the form on the bottom of the page with more information on the games you want to sell/trade (detailed pictures, desired price if known, …) and potentially the games in our store you’re willing to trade. If you don’t have any idea about the price, we give you a detailed offer on your items.

Before trading in, please check the following must-have requirements:

  • Original games and/or consoles
  • In working order
  • English/Dutch gameplay if this exists (e.g. sometimes you have German exclusive PAL games, these are welcome too)
  • Correct condition
  • PAL or NTSC

We have the following nice-to-have requirements:

  • If it’s a game in the original box, an instruction manual is wished / more valuable.

For certain consoles, you don’t always need a box/instruction manual to trade. Only the cart suffices (e.g. gameboy, nintendo nes, nintendo snes, nintendo n64, …).

We can always give a sell price and a trade price. The sell price is the cash we pay for your games, the trade price is the value you can spend in our shop. The trade price will always be higher than the sell price. We love people playing games!

Prices are depending on the current market prices, thus we pay more for a rare game. We love to be transparent about the real value of a game/console.

Have questions or some items to sell or trade? Please fill in this form (you can upload up to 5 pictures per email, please do so we can check the condition of the games and consoles)!

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